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How to design the bag of the bag is reasonable and scientific!

2019-11-06 20:08
The sling is an important part of the overall finished product of the container and plays a very important and important role in the hoisting process. It is necessary to fully consider the specific methods and methods for customers to use tons of bags, such as lifting, transportation, loading material performance, etc. The design should take into account the volume of the ton bag, the weight of the load and the number of packaging units, as well as the distance of the transport distance and the number of transports, and the means of transport and transportation. In the standard, the technical requirements of the base fabric and the sling are strictly stipulated; the inner lacing leakage-proof pockets should be selected according to the user's conditions of use, and the materials should be reasonably selected. The anti-aging ability of plastic products under the sun exposure is currently a concern, and the problems often encountered in the transportation process; the design of the tons of bags, the materials are different, and the sealing requirements are different. For example, powder or articles, and materials that are afraid of being contaminated have strict sealing performance requirements. Therefore, when designing tons of bags, pay attention to the influence of the base film coating process and the sewing process on the sealing performance.
The design of the container bag is directly related to the safety of the items contained in the container bag during the lifting and use. If the design and production are unscientific, it can be imagined what kind of consequences will occur. So, in this case, how should the design and production of the bag of the bag be scientific and reasonable? The following analysis of the wonderful analysis of the Huafu container bag company:
1. The load-bearing capacity of the hanging bag should be very good. Generally, the packaging of the container is basically more than one ton, so the batch before the use should be tested for tensile force.
2, nowadays generally used in the form of woven, that is, criss-cross way to do, but the requirements of the package bag vertical and horizontal silk can not be made of copper bell, but also according to the vertical and horizontal silk.
When the sling is connected with the bag body, there are various forms such as a top hoist, a bottom hoist, and a side hoist, and the suture is connected by a suture, so the suture is also very important. Due to the high strength of the sling, the base fabric and the stitching do not reach a certain strength, and the overall performance of the container bag cannot be ensured.
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