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How to control the printing quality on the space ton bag

2019-11-06 20:08
In daily life, how do we control the printing of space bags, also called container bags and tons of bags?
The color of the ton bag should be true, natural and colorful. The index shall include two aspects; one is the field density tolerance of different sheets of the same batch of products, cyan (C) magenta (M) is less than or equal to 0.15 black (BK) less than 0.20, yellow (Y) is less than 0.10;
The appearance is the first thing, the layout must be clean, there is no obvious dirt; secondly, the color should be basically the same; that is the text, it should be complete, clear, accurate; finally the size requirements. The allowable error of the fine product size is less than 0.5mm, and the allowable error of the general product size is less than 1.0mm.
Of course, the quality of the printing of the container bag depends on the following factors
First, the personnel problem: personnel issues mainly reflect the sense of responsibility and technical proficiency of employees.
Second, the equipment process: the production aging of the container bag bag equipment, drying and bag feeding technology will lead to various adhesion problems in the production process of the container bag.
Third, the quality of raw materials: including ink quality, mixing uniformity, bag quality or offset problems and other raw material problems will lead to printing problems.


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