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What is the prospect of container bags, and why the demand is getting bigger and bigger!

2019-11-06 20:11
Also known as flexible container bags, tons of bags, space bags, etc., English translation of a variety, FIBC (Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container), is a type of container unit, with a crane or forklift, you can achieve unitization Transportation, it is suitable for the shipment of bulk powdery granular materials. Container bag is a kind of flexible transport packaging container, widely used in the transportation and packaging of powder, granules and blocky articles such as food, grain, medicine, chemical, mineral products, etc. In developed countries, the use of container bags is generally used for transportation. Warehousing packaging products.
Container bag features
1 It has sufficient strength in structure, convenient for loading and unloading, and suitable for mechanized loading and unloading, instead of manual operation. Operators use cranes or forklifts to carry goods and improve work efficiency.
The material of the 2-package bag has good barrier property and good structural sealing. Water, debris and dust are not easy to mix in, and the protection effect on the product is good. It is light, soft, high-strength, resistant to acid and alkali corrosion, moisture-proof, and non-leaking. It is suitable for packaging powdery, flake-like, granular solid products for transportation and storage.
3 No need to repackage, compared to other packaging materials, container bags generally do not need trays, which greatly saves packaging costs.
4 The bag can be folded flat, the package is transported to the end user and folded after unloading, only occupying a small storage space, and the weight of the general bag used for 1 t cargo is only 3.5 to 4.5 kg. Therefore, the use of the FIBC is convenient and economical.
5 container bags can be customized according to the special needs of the end users, including the size of the bag body and the upper and lower feed ports, the style of the sling, the specifications of the base fabric, whether it is necessary to apply film, whether the inner bag is required. It can also be designed according to the characteristics of the product.


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