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Weijia Plastics--Professional supplier of container bags
Professional R & D production team, establish a domestic and international professional container production base.
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Company Profile

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Yantai Weijia Plastic Products Co., Ltd. is a Sino-foreign cooperative enterprise mainly engaged in the production, processing and export of container bags. The products are sold to South Korea, the United States, Japan, Canada and the European Union. The annual output value is nearly 50 million yuan. The company is located in Yantai Lai. Shengquan Industrial Park in the mountainous area has 10,000 square meters of modern international standard factory buildings and more than 150 employees. The company has one automatic high-speed wire drawing production line, 8 wide circular looms, 7 medium and narrow circular looms, 2 automatic cutting machines, 1 high-speed printing machine, 70 high-speed sewing machines and 20 thick sewing machines. Taiwan, 12 sewing machines and 5 punching machines.
The company's product positioning has developed to the mid-to-high end. It has cooperated with famous Japanese container bags companies to establish a dust-free sewing and inspection workshop of 3000m2. The products produced are all food grade and meet international food grade standards. It has reached a long-term cooperation agreement with the company. At the same time, it will expand the depth and breadth of cooperation, and introduce liquid packaging bags with higher technology content and added value to the production here, and establish a domestic and international first-class container production base.

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