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Container bag, ton bag base cloth testing standard

Bulk bag base fabric testing standard First, the appearance standard 1. The appearance is smooth and smooth, no missing, no thin weft, no jumper. qualified. 2. The cut edge is neat and there is no loose wire. qualified. 3. The roll is not folded, the roll is neat, and the tension is even. qualified. 4. The spacing of colored silk is subject to the specified requirements ± qualified. 5. The folding width is +1cm according to the process requirement and qualified. 6. There is no obvious oil stain on the surface of the base fabric. 7. Kibuk weight tolerance +2g-4g. qualified. 8. Dirty latitude 3 or more failed. 9. Menstruation, 2 or more than 1 meter, less than 7 intervals are not qualified. 10. Holes are not qualified. 11. Three or more skipping passes are not qualified. 12. Three or more hops are not qualified. 13. The hair is severe and unqualified. 14. There is a clear color difference. 15. Oily, unqualified. 16. The discounted coated fabric is unqualified. 17. The warp and weft knots are too large and too long to pass. Second, the tensile test standard 1.150g/m2 or less, containing 150g/m2 cloth, longitudinal direction ≥1500N/5cm, horizontal ≥1400N/5cm. 2.150g/m2 or more to 170g/m2 cloth, longitudinal direction ≥1800N/5cm, horizontal ≥1700N/5cm. 3.170g/m2 or more to 190g/m2 cloth, longitudinal direction ≥1950N/5cm, horizontal ≥1850N/5cm The cloth of 4.190 g/m2 or more, the longitudinal direction is ≥ 2100 N/5 cm, and the lateral direction is ≥ 2000 N/5 cm. 5. Elongation <25‰

What is the prospect of container bags, and why the demand is getting bigger and bigger!

Also known as flexible container bags, tons of bags, space bags, etc., English translation of a variety, FIBC (Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container), is a type of container unit, with a crane or forklift, you can achieve unitization Transportation, it is suitable for the shipment of bulk powdery granular materials. Container bag is a kind of flexible transport packaging container, widely used in the transportation and packaging of powder, granules and blocky articles such as food, grain, medicine, chemical, mineral products, etc. In developed countries, the use of container bags is generally used for transportation. Warehousing packaging products.

The service life of the container bag is related to the amount of anti-purple masterbatch

The environment in which the container is used is often exposed to light outdoors. The amount of light in each area is different, which may cause some foreigners to mistakenly believe that the UV protection of the container does not meet the requirements. It is recommended that the container manufacturers should increase the amount of anti-purple masterbatch according to the regional light difference on the basis of foreign demand, in order to improve product quality and extend service life.

Flexible container must pay attention to work safety when working

When the flexible container bag is in operation, be sure to pay attention to the operation safety. Please follow our method for operation. Pay attention to the situation

How to control the printing quality on the space ton bag

In daily life, how do we control the printing of space bags, also called container bags and tons of bags? The color of the ton bag should be true, natural and colorful. The index shall include two aspects; one is the field density tolerance of different sheets of the same batch of products, cyan (C) magenta (M) is less than or equal to 0.15 black (BK) less than 0.20, yellow (Y) is less than 0.10;

How to design the bag of the bag is reasonable and scientific!

The sling is an important part of the overall finished product of the container and plays a very important and important role in the hoisting process. It is necessary to fully consider the specific methods and methods for customers to use tons of bags, such as lifting, transportation, loading material performance, etc. The design should take into account the volume of the ton bag, the weight of the load and the number of packaging units, as well as the distance of the transport distance and the number of transports, and the means of transport and transportation. In the standard, the technical requirements of the base fabric and the sling are strictly stipulated; the inner lacing leakage-proof pockets should be selected according to the user's conditions of use, and the materials should be reasonably selected. The anti-aging ability of plastic products under the sun exposure is currently a concern, and the problems often encountered in the transportation process; the design of the tons of bags, the materials are different, and the sealing requirements are different. For example, powder or articles, and materials that are afraid of being contaminated have strict sealing performance requirements. Therefore, when designing tons of bags, pay attention to the influence of the base film coating process and the sewing process on the sealing performance.
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