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The service life of the container bag is related to the amount of anti-purple masterbatch

2019-11-06 20:10
The environment in which the container is used is often exposed to light outdoors. The amount of light in each area is different, which may cause some foreigners to mistakenly believe that the UV protection of the container does not meet the requirements. It is recommended that the container manufacturers should increase the amount of anti-purple masterbatch according to the regional light difference on the basis of foreign demand, in order to improve product quality and extend service life.
The main processing raw materials of the container bag factory are generally the  following three points: 
1. Raw materials: The new bags are used in the container bags. Some manufacturers will manufacture container bags with extremely low prices. It is necessary to consider whether or not the materials are used. If the labor costs of the container bags are similar, it is necessary to use them. Whether the material is a new pellet, whether an excessive amount of recycled material is added, whether a modifier (calcium carbonate masterbatch) is added, and the aging resistance of the PP woven fabric with the modifier is seriously degraded.
2, color masterbatch: the price of color masterbatch is also very different, some pigments can play an anti-aging effect on the container bag, the impact on the service life of the container bag is also very large, whether the surface coated rutile The type of titanium white masterbatch, whether it is a yellow pigment with very good weather resistance, whether the blue pigment used contains free copper, etc., will have a great influence on the life of the container.
3, anti-purple form and addition can play a great role in the aging of the container bag, powdered UV due to the specific gravity and size and PP particles are different, will produce sinking, difficult to evenly distribute to PP pellets In this case, the flat wire pulled out is very good, and some are very poor, which affects the anti-aging properties of the whole woven fabric. The anti-purple masterbatch, which is similar in size and specific gravity to PP, does not have such a problem.
Bulk bags are required to add anti-purple masterbatch UV, UV content can be selectively added according to different customer needs.
1. UV content of masterbatch: The anti-purple masterbatch of each factory may have different content and quality and price. If the foreign company only specifies the amount of anti-purple masterbatch, the factory may use low UV content. The low-priced masterbatch causes the UV content in the container to be low. The container bag has a short turnover period and low UV content, so there is no problem. However, once a certain batch of bags is used for a long time, there will be a damage accident. The impression to foreign investors is that the quality of the anti-purple masterbatch used in the factory is not stable.
2, the masterbatch formula should consider the cost performance, both the production cost and the service life of the container should be considered. The masterbatch formula of different factories will also be different, and the formula takes into account various factors that affect the life of the container. Determines the stability of the container in various climatic conditions.
3. Masterbatch production: The production process parameters of the masterbatch are mature and stable, which can ensure that the loss of UV of the masterbatch during processing is minimized.
4, the brand awareness of the masterbatch supplier: the general production of long-established corporate container bags are very mature, will not produce any quality problems, will use reliable long-term cooperation of the masterbatch supply unit, will enhance their product quality from all aspects , service level, a standardized system to ensure the long-term stability of the company's products, will not arbitrarily use low-cost low-quality raw materials, will not arbitrarily reduce the UV content of the masterbatch.
The climatic factors, the quality of the raw materials and the UV content of the anti-purple masterbatch are the three major factors affecting the use of the container bag.


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